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Dangers of the Anti-Nomian Movement: A Rebuttal to Answers in Genesis

I have long been a supporter of the ministry Answers in Genesis. Going on nearly two decades, I've been an avid and outspoken devotee of their work, consuming as much of their science and apologetics material as I could. When it was first announced, I had huge aspirations for working at the Ark Encounter in some capacity. I was, and still am, an ardent Young-Earth Creationist, both on biblical and scientific grounds, and I owe most of that to the ministry of Answers in Genesis.

Imagine my surprise, then, to wake up one Shabbat morning and find an article written by Tim Chaffey (whom I have always held in high esteem) condemning my religious beliefs as a dangerous heresy. In his article, “Dangers of the Hebrew Roots Movement,” Tim writes in criticism of the small but growing movement of Christians from all stripes returning to obedience to the commandments of Yehovah our God. While the article's abstract would present itself as a mere exposé of the beliefs and practices held b…