Prayer Is Pointless

Prayer has never made sense to me. I've been a Christian my whole life and never understood it. Here is why…
  • If God foreordains all things, then your prayer is pointless.
    • Why? Because God will not change his eternal, perfect plan for you.
  • If God foreknows all things, then your prayer is pointless.
    • Why? Because God cannot change the entire future for you.
  • If God can change future events in response to your prayer, then he is evil.
  • If you add the words, “Not my will, but yours be done,” after petitioning God in prayer, then you already know your prayer is pointless.
    • Why? Because God's will is indistinguishable from things that happen. If God exists, then you admit that your prayer is pointless because he won't change course from what he already decided to do. If God doesn't exist, then you're simply talking to the air, which is just as likely to respond to your request.
  • If you think that God uses prayer to make you trust him, then you are foolish.
    • Why? Because God's will is indistinguishable from things that happen. Perhaps there is value into talking yourself into accepting things that happen, but that does not mean that a God is involved. Moreover, you will have more success in achieving your goals if you actually try to achieve them, rather than convincing yourself to settle for God's will (aka things that happen).
  • If you can pinpoint a time when God answered your prayer, but you did not consider all possible alternatives to this being an act of God, then your prayer is pointless.
    • Why? Because human doctors using advanced medical science played a role. Because people sometimes experience spontaneous remission and the placebo effect, and these things happen irrespective of whether someone prays to Yahweh, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, any other god, or doesn't pray at all.
  • If you thank God in your prayer, then you are misguided and selfish.
    • Why? Because the farmer grew the food, the truckers shipped the food, the store sold you the food, your employer paid you the money to buy the food, and you cooked the food. God's hand was invisible, and consequently negligible, from this process. Have you thanked your fellow humans who played an actual role in this process?
    • Why? Because if God answered your prayer for food or healing, then he could have answered the prayers of everyone else asking for food or healing, and he didn't. Do you think you're so special that God answers your prayers and neglects the prayers of others? Or do you have food because it is a thing that happened and not actually part of God's will?
I think this list has been exhaustive, but these are thoughts I have had my entire life, in all stages of theism. I have never understood the purpose of prayer, no matter how much I tried.


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