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Where to Go from Here and Speculations Regarding Time & Omniscience (Repost)

My first two posts on this blog have been pretty massive. Both of them reached about 35 pages in Microsoft Word before I copy/pasted them to Blogger. Researching and writing them took about a month each, with an additional couple of weeks removing all of Word's HTML and replacing it with code suitable for this site (including replacing the code for every footnote). From start to finish, the first entry took about a month, while the second stretched on nearly into two. I don't have a solid direction in which I'd like to take this, but there aren't any other big articles I feel compelled to take on at the moment. Whether or not I start posting here regularly, I would like the turn-around to get a little faster. I have a number of posts from my old Tumblr blog of the same name which I have considered porting over here. Some of them are other response articles (some relating to the Trinity and some to Torah), while a few are more speculative in nature. Although the fir

Response to TMU: A Synopsis of the Deity of the Messiah

On March 26, 2018, The Master’s University announced the termination of Bill Schlegel after Mr. Schlegel informed Will Varner that he could no longer affirm the deity of Christ and the doctrine of the Trinity. 1 I became aware of this myself on March 27 when Restoration Fellowship uploaded a video to their YouTube channel where Carlos Xavier interviewed Mr. Schlegel about his recent, radical change in faith. 2 A few days after watching the video, two friends who graduated from TMU shared with me the official announcement on the university’s website containing an explanation of his departure and linking to three documents which defend the orthodox position. I want to engage with those documents to see whether they stand up to Scripture. I desire to find the truth. I was raised in orthodox, evangelical Christianity, but over the past year or so I have scrutinized the Trinity very closely, studying its historical development as well as the chief texts in favor of it in the Bible. I am