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Response to Acts17Apologetics: The Trinity in Red Letters (A Reply to Yusha Evans)

This is an intriguing video because it is a Trinitarian Christian responding to a Muslim cleric who suggested that Muslims are in serious trouble if it can be shown from Jesus' words (the “red letters”, as they are often colored to set them apart) that he taught the Trinity to his disciples. I am unfamiliar with Yusha Evans, and only know a little about Anthony Rogers from Acts17Apologetics . I take issue with many things taught in Islam, including aspects of their Christology, but I also disagree with the doctrine of the Trinity. As I have no dog in this fight, it will be interesting to see whose beliefs align closer with Scripture. Yusha: Read the Red Letter edition of the Bible, read only the red, leave everything out; if you can find Trinity in that, then we have a serious problem. I agree, Yusha. If God the Son did not find it important to teach his disciples about his own Triune nature, then at the very least, there is no excuse for Christians to use the doctrine of the

Why I Left Answers in Genesis

For the past three years (since March 2016), I have been an employee of Answers in Genesis. For obvious reasons , I refrained from mentioning this in any prior blog posts. I've been waiting until I left to make that apparent. However, on February 1, 2019, I announced my decision to leave rather than re-sign the employee handbook, since there are some drastic theological differences that I could no longer ignore. I wrote the following letter to my family and close friends, but I thought it would be good to share here as well. I was not anyone important at the ministry. My departure didn't create a splash, and I'm not looking to make it a bigger issue than it needs be. But I do hope some who knew me there will read this and be inspired to look into the reasons I felt compelled to leave. Without further ado: Dear Family and Friends, For reasons I suspect many of you will privately agree with, I am no longer employable by Answers in Genesis. It is with a heavy heart that I