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Exodus: Memoir of the Gods

This is a creative writing idea I had that is inspired by the upcoming holy days of Passover and Matzot and the celebration of the Exodus. I decided to envision the story in Exodus 3-14 from the perspective of the gods of Egypt. It ought not need stating that this is highly imaginative. But whether or not things played out at all like I've depicted, the ancient Hebrews operated under the worldview that the gods of the nations may be real, they were just worthless compared to the Most High God and shouldn't be worshiped. All that being said, I hope this gets you thinking about the Passover in a new way as it approaches in a couple of weeks. Another important point is that I'm appealing to the revised Egyptian chronology put forth by David Down in his book Unwrapping the Pharaohs . And my knowledge of the religions of Egypt is limited to what I can find on Google, so my portrayal of their gods is of my own imagination. For instance, it appears that Imhotep wasn't consi