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How I Came to Be

My blogging activity has taken a nosedive this summer. I have been simultaneously busy with family activities in another state (including a death and a wedding), drudging my way through a dozen books I started this year (I'm not much of a reader), and trying to enjoy my leisure time. Recently, though, my friend Bill Schlegel ( Land and Bible ) put out a call for Biblical Unitarians to share their testimonies to be included in the Testimonies section of the One God Report . I thought it would be helpful to include my story, as there is a pretty sharp divide among Biblical Unitarians when it comes to the applicability of the Torah, and that was for me my launching point for changing my perspective on the person of Jesus Christ. I was raised in an evangelical home of the Church of Christ persuasion. I was baptized by my father when I was 9, and I had a profound love for God and a desire to understand the Scriptures. In early high school, we moved to a new town, and the church my par